Today’s organizations face several challenges while embracing newer technologies, nowhere are these challenges more prevalent than in adoption of cloud services. Businesses require abilities to determine what to move, and how to move it (cloud), efficiently and without impact, mitigating risk throughout the process. Another underserved aspect is; although cloud adoption is prevalent, it is not without high levels of complexity and multi-disciplinary requirements. Cloud transformation requires knowledge of Access, Networks, Infrastructure, Process and Analytics to successfully deploy and most importantly utilize/consume.

As cloud adoption gathers momentum, BlueFin’s Microsoft Azure practice provides solutions to optimize, manage, migrate, and monitor clients’ environments including storage, compute, application, database, and mobile services, and workloads, driving consumption. Furthermore, hybrid cloud solutions with Azure leverage cross-premise connectivity, identity and migration provides enterprises the ability to execute workloads in the most efficient location, based on utilization needs.

BlueFin’s Cloud Adoption Service

Businesses are looking for cloud solutions to solve some of their biggest business and technology challenges: reducing costs, creating new levels of efficiency, and facilitating innovative business models.

To enable the best cloud model for your business, you need to understand where to start in terms of transforming your data center, network, and storage environments based on your business needs and goals. While you might imagine a cloud working the same way for every business, your implementation of a cloud model, including private, public, and hybrid clouds, as well as communities of clouds for markets such as healthcare, finance, and government, is unique to your business.

With the right approach, your chosen cloud model can enable your business to operate more simply and efficiently, without having to compromise on security, flexibility, or functionality. The right cloud model, whether a private or public cloud providing infrastructure as a service or software as a service, can enable your business with flexible total cost of ownership (TCO) and a compelling return on investment (ROI) with a faster time to business value, regardless of geographic or operational diversity

Preparing for Your Cloud Adoption and Migration

BlueFin’s Cloud Enablement Services for Adopting Clouds deliver the expert help you need to accelerate the adoption of a cloud model based on your current environment and business goals. The services address how cloud adoption promotes changes in your business application portfolio, data centers, and borderless network (BN) infrastructure and the re-architecture of data center, network, and storage environments.

The services help you understand:

  • Your state of readiness to adopt a cloud model and the challenges, implications, and benefits of adopting a cloud model
  • How a cloud model aligns to or affects your business, IT goals, and operational objectives
  • How a cloud model affects business partners, such as vendors, suppliers, resellers, and customers
  • How a cloud model can enable the ability to provide new user services with optimal service delivery or consume new business services from others

Business Benefits

Bluefin’s Cloud Enablement Services for Adopting Clouds meet the needs of businesses that need expert help, analysis, and recommendations in developing a cloud adoption strategy.

Bluefin’s Cloud Enablement Services for Adopting Clouds help you to:

  • Quantify, qualify, and justify your public cloud initiative based on your unique business situation and goals
  • Improve the quality and delivery of applications and services by selecting the most appropriate applications for migration to your cloud
  • Improve service performance by determining the effect of migrating to cloud on the data center infrastructure in terms of virtualization, dependencies, and application latencies
  • Improve infrastructure resiliency and performance by understanding the effect of a cloud migration on your LAN/WAN infrastructure
  • Protect and secure the user experience and the business in terms of security imperatives and regulations as you migrate to the cloud

BlueFin’s Cloud Consumption Service

Today’s business units and departments in the organization may be contracting for public cloud services without going through IT, in what’s known as “shadow IT.”

You’d know for sure if you could see all the cloud services that employees access from one dashboard, even the shadow IT. You’d also know how much is being spent on cloud services, and by which business groups. And whether you face a business risk or compliance issue with a new cloud service. With that knowledge, you could institute the right processes and governance to select and launch new cloud services quickly to help your business innovate and grow.

Our cloud experts can give you the right expertise to help you govern your cloud adoption so you can gain more control over cloud usage. Use these services to get critical public cloud consumption information and set up the right governance processes to help you:

  • Reduce risks and costs
  • Implement stronger cloud management practices
  • Gain more control over cloud adoption and make more informed decisions
  • Improve business agility

Business Benefits:

BlueFin’s Cloud Consumption Service will help manage your cloud adoption and help you:

  • Become more agile with improved processes to govern cloud service providers. Implement quicker ways to select and launch cloud services to meet business needs.
  • Understand how cloud is being used in your business by finding unknown cloud services. Get a real-time view of your cloud service use, and spot trends over time.
  • Develop a hybrid cloud strategy that helps accelerate meeting your business goals.
  • Manage risks by identifying cloud security and compliance risks.
  • Reduce costs by learning what you are really spending on cloud. Save money by consolidating or discontinuing services. Reduce new service introduction, cloud vendor management, and audit costs.
  • Work better with lines of business by understanding public cloud needs and responding faster to new requests.