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Our Values

Our values inspire affirmative action and set us apart. These values resonate in each of us at BlueFin and make us what we are.
Spirit : The boldness of thought that questions conventional wisdom has the courage to take risks and shape a better future is nurtured and encouraged at BlueFin.
Passion: Passion drives innovation and change. And passionate employees shape the character of an organization and help in delivering excellence day after day.
Integrity: At BlueFin, we ensure that every interaction is honest and transparent and withstands the highest degree of ethical scrutiny.


Blue instantly evokes images of a vast expanse of sky, ocean – seamless, infinite and all encompassing, values we hope to imbibe as we chart out a course that propels our clients’ business into the future. Fin is a rudder that gives direction and helps navigate uncharted water. Our brand icon is an arrow with a fish-tail hidden in the negative space that indicates fluidity of movement and is symbolic of BlueFin’s strength to adapt and change course based on the market’s ever-changing demands.

BlueFin Team

Rishi Agrawal
Chief Operating Officer

Rishi is the COO at Bluefin. Before this Rishi was Head of BNY Mellon’s technology center iNautix Technologies India Pvt Ltd. at Pune. For 12 years he played a key role in strategic planning, management and services delivery with BNY Mellon at NJ and India locations. He played a vital role in designing BNY Mellon's off-shore footprint and executing it. Rishi served on the executive leadership team in the key areas of application development and delivery, global infrastructure services and data centers. He has expertise in talent planning, acquisition, leadership development, retention and end-to-end service delivery from off-shore. Rishi’s core talent lies in designing, building and managing large global teams. At BNY Mellon, Rishi created and lead a 2000 people strong organization. His process oriented approach steered BNY Mellon’s off-shore implementation of CMM Level 5, ITIL, ISO 27001, eSCM and People CMM. Rishi was the co-Chair for Diversity and Inclusion Board. In addition, he was on BNY Mellon's Innovation Steering Committee.

Rishi has an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM Calcutta) and a B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) from IIT Varanasi. In addition, he has black belt in Six Sigma and ITIL certification. He has also pursued an advanced Leadership Development Program at Wharton School of Business